Galaxy S8


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Galaxy S8 LCD Repair

5.8 inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2960x1440) display. The display assembly includes the LCD and digitizer. Sometimes a drop can do more damage to your phone. A fall can break more than glass Learn More

Galaxy S8 Glass Repair

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Drop it just right from a considerable height, have it land on a hard surface, and the Galaxy S8’s glass will crack. It’s not Samsung’s fault. It just what happens. Glass shatters in some Learn More

Galaxy S8 Charging Port Repair

Your try to charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 but it won't charge. Nor is it connecting to your computer. If you are facing this issue with your Samsung Galaxy S8, your phone's charging port is damaged. Learn More

Galaxy S8 Battery Replacement

Your Samsung Galaxy S8's glass needs a repair, you are having trouble charging it or its battery needs a replacement. Whatever the problem is iFix Mobile has got you covered. Learn More


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4 Item(s)