iFix Mobile offers affordable cell phone repair services in Toronto. We use only the high quality and authentic parts. Our emphasis on quality lets us offer a lifetime warranty on the parts we use in repairs.We’re not only the surest, we’re also the fastest Cell Phone Repair Service in Toronto. Sometimes, making your cell phone as good as new is just a matter of a couple of hours. That way, you get your repaired device on the same day.Our expert team of technicians can handle even the most bizarre and complex repair issues with ease. That’s what makes us the cell phone repair service of choice in Toronto and entire GTA. We hold expertise in repairing a wide range of cell phone models ranging from Apple, HTC, LG to Samsung.iFix Mobile understands that your smartphone is a vital part of your day to day activities. From sunrise to sunset, aren’t we inseparable. But a small damage can put us behind schedule, socially and economically.

That’s why iFix Mobile offers matchless Cell Phone Repair in Toronto . No matter how you got your cell phone busted, we’ll fix it. From broken screens to water damage, we’ve been there done that. We’ve set the bar pretty high when it comes to smartphone repairs. Not just smartphones, we also specialize in tablet repairs.

Multiple devices

We cover cell phone repairs of Apple, LG, Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel, Google Nexus, and One Plus devices. Every now and then, we keep on adding new models and brands of cell phones in our repair and estimates list.

If your device isn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean we don’t fix it. All you have to do it bring it to our store in Toronto and we’ll assess the damage and calculate a reasonable estimate. We’re one of the very few to upgrade our cell phone repair services with every iPhone release, covering old and new models at the same time. Affordable Repairs

At iFix Mobile, you’ll only be charged a reasonable amount for even the most outrageously expensive repairs. We charge much less than iPhone official repairs.

We believe cell phones are expensive enough already. There’s no need for cell phone repairs to be expensive as well. We don’t believe in burning a hole in your pocket. We’re only interested in complete customer satisfaction and look forward to B2C interactions that go a long way. That’s why we offer the most reasonably priced Cell Phone Repair Services in Toronto.

Lifetime Warranty

At iFix Mobile, trust of our clients holds precedence over everything else. That’s why we use only high quality, genuine, and authentic parts in repairs. All repair work is conducted in front of your eyes. What’s more? We’re one of the very few cell phone repair stores in this business to offer a lifetime warranty on the parts we use in repairs. If ever a problem occurs in the parts we installed, just bring your handset at our facility and we’ll fix the problem. No questions asked. It’s that simple.

Minimal Downtime

We understand what your cell phone means to you. So many activities are happening at the very same instant. Social media updating, preparing a presentation on the go, or just upping your game scores, cell phones have become our little powerhouses.

In such a scenario, a little damage can cause a setback to your work schedule and your social life. At iFix Mobile, we value your time and offer cell phone repair services with minimum possible downtime. We strive to repair the damages in the least possible time. If possible, within an hour, so you can go back to do what you were doing, ASAP.

Emphasis on Data Safety

All our repair techniques revolve around ensuring optimal data safety. While repairing your device, there’s absolutely no tempering with your cell phone data. Nor do we employ any techniques that may hamper mobile data during or after repairs.

Mobile data is hard to recover, especially if it’s not lying on any cloud server for future downloading. In that case, loss of data may be quite debilitating emotionally and workwise. We keep all these points in consideration during each repair work we take up.