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Unlocking Cell Phones- Fact File

Most of us go for pre-owned cell phones without knowing whether it's a locked phone or an unlocked phone. It should not be assumed that a pre-owned phone will be unlocked as well. Locked phones, as we know it, are cell phones locked to particular carrier company. Such a device can switch phone numbers, owners, plans, but not carriers. What's the whole buzz about unlocked phones? Hear from iFix Mobile, the leading choice for Unlocking Cell Phones in Toronto.

What exactly is meant by unlocked phones?

When you purchase a brand new phone, it's most probably locked with the aid of a software to a particular wireless carrier that contributes to the price of handset and expects you to repay over the prescribed time period for which your cell phone will remain locked to that carrier. It's a protectionist policy that ensures that customer cannot discontinue the services of original wireless carrier without entirely paying for the device. This time period varies from device to device.

After that time period, you can get it unlocked from any store or even yourself by the code provided by your carrier.

Once this is done, you're free to use any wireless carrier on your cell phone. If your smartphone is universal, you can even shift from CDMA to GSM or vice versa.

Benefits of an unlocked phone:

  • Can be used on any wireless carrier of your choice.
  • You can shift to a better wireless carrier that offers better plans.
  • In case of universal devices, you can switch between GSM or CDMA as you please.
  • You can bail yourself out of bad service provided by your current wireless carrier.
  • Better resale value as compared to a locked phone.
An unlocked phone definitely gives you more freedom.

Change in existing pattern

As per the new legislation, all new phones will be sold unlocked in Canada. But that's for the new ones and the existing ones in circulation may still be locked with a wireless carrier.

If you're not sure whether your phone is unlocked or not, insert a SIM card of another carrier and if it works seamlessly, it's unlocked. For any queries regarding Unlocking Cell Phones in Toronto , call or visit iFix Mobile today.

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