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Mobile phone accessories that'll rule in 2018

As newer cell phone models and releases take the market by storm, there's also an emerging need for new and improved cell phone accessories.The trending accessories for 2018 are a heady mix of old and new. There are some fresh new products while the existing ones have gone through a complete makeover. What's new this year you ask? Which ones are selling like hot cakes? Let's go through the accessories recommended by iFix Mobile , the leading seller of Cell Phone Accessories in Toronto , for 2018.

Power Banks

Power banks have solved the battery problems of a lot of mobile device owners in the past year. But this year, power banks are going to be smaller yet better. No more bulky designs. The new age sleek power banks will boast of a better capacity and easy to carry in pocket. This will greatly impact power bank sales and we'll surely see an increase in demand.

Quirky cell phone cases

Pink bunny ears popping out from your cell phone, or a glow in the dark one to help you look for your cell phone in the dark, you'll find the quirkiest cell phone cases in the market and that might just be the beginning. There's a constant effort to make cell phone cases more utilitarian and you might find ones that serve other trivial purposes apart from covering your device. Smartphone cases have evolved from being a utility item to become a style statement.

Apart from the designer variants, shock absorbing smartphone cases will also see an increase in demand as our devices become more sleek, compact, and delicate. There are variants that even protect devices from dust, scratch, and water. Isn't that convenient?

Type C chargers and Wireless Chargers

Samsung is shifting to USB C ports in the new models. Similarly, wireless charging phones are not behind either. Therefore, Type C chargers and Wireless Chargers will become popular by the end of 2018. Many integrated charging stations are already offering built in Type C and Wireless charging.

Wireless Headphones

With the tremendous success of AirPods in 2016, Apple is rumoured to launch AirPods 2 in 2018. By all means, if we believe the grapevine, AirPods 2 will be technologically much advanced as compared to its older counterpart. This has already kick-started a trend, with Pixel Buds released by Google. Smaller players are not far behind and are manufacturing their functional yet cost effective variants. All in all, this trend is just catching on and will definitely go far. These are the popular and trendy smartphone accessories to look forward to in 2018. For latest Cell Phone Accessories in Toronto , visit iFix Mobile

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