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iPhone X Screen Repair: How much does it cost?

The edge-to-edge no bezel OLED screen makes iPhone X the most loved iPhone's till date. And that's not all, the razor-fast processor and dual wide-angle cameras make iPhone X the most desirable phone to possess.

However, the premium device comes with an equally premium price tag and the cost of iPhone X Screen Repair is comparable to its price too.

Although the shocking price of $1300 is wearing off after a year since the release, iPhone X owners looking for screen replacement are getting a new surprise as the cost of new OLED screen at Apple is worth a whopping $369. Subscribing to AppleCare doesn't pay quite much either. If you think about it, $39 for iPhone X screen repair sounds like a bargain but this is what you'll pay only once you initially pay $249 upfront for AppleCare. So, if you add this, the onetime fix up will cost $289.

If you need any other type of repair, you'll need to shell out $129 for a maximum two repairs. As a customer, you are left with two options which may not sound ideal at all - to pay almost $250 for AppleCare and hope you'll crack your iPhone screen at least once or just be cautious that you won't break your screen and pay $369 if an accident happens. Budget replacement screens may seem great if you are in a pinch. But opting for any cut-rate repair shop for a cheap fix can cost you more than what you bargained for.

Beware of poor quality replacement

Many cheap aftermarket screens come with a bunch of problems. Owners opting for cheap screen repair had to face issues like low picture quality, heating issues, reddish hue and a decrease in battery life. The worst part about these low-quality screens is the touchscreen functionality being severely compromised.

In some sites, the aftermarket screens were being sold at an even higher price than Apple's replacement screen. Simply put, these sellers are preying on the customers who don't know any better.

iFix offers a better option

If you don't want to buy an unreliable screen for your iPhone X or shake your budget with the steep Apple replacement, iFix Mobile has got you covered with all your iPhone X Screen Repair needs. Our experienced technicians use Apple-approved parts and we provide a lifetime warranty on screen repair. Book an appointment with iFix Mobile today and have your phone looking good as new.

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