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Things to remember in case of iPhone Screen Repair

Don't we love our beautiful and sleek iPhones. The newer ones are even more drop dead gorgeous with all glass body and color variants to die for. But everything comes crashing down with a simple screen damage. Though it's not as simple as it may look. A lot of things have to be considered while you go for iPhone screen repair. Where to go, what to expect, and what all precautions you must take? iFix Mobile, the best choice for iPhone screen repair in Toronto , tells you all that you need to know.

Official repair isn't the only option

There are many third party iPhone repair stores that do the same job for much less. You must choose carefully given the customer reviews and ratings. Official warranty covers just two screen repairs and if you tally the cost of repair plus the cost of Apple insurance, you'll realize you actually paid more that what's charged by third party stores. Besides, there's less waiting period in case of third party repairs. Your device will be ready in an hour or so.

Look for warranty

If you're going for third party repair services, look for the ones that offer a lifetime warranty on repairs. From customer reviews, you'll get a fair idea regarding the parts they're using,which must be high quality, genuine and authentic. After repair, make sure you're given a receipt that mentions the damages, parts replaced, and labour costs. Keep it safe for future reference.

Different models may have different costs

Apple is a pioneer of technological innovation. Each new iPhone version is better, advanced, and more complex than the last one. In such a case, it might baffle you that the guy standing next to you with an iPhone 6s got a cheaper deal on screen repair than your iPhone X.

Well it's a fact. Screen repairs for older, similar versions will be much less than the latest ones. The reason being that newer versions have some additional features like end to end screen or all glass body that makes it an expensive deal as compared to older ones.

Waterproof seal

When you get screen replaced for waterproof versions of iPhone, you may notice that it's not waterproof anymore. Because waterproof seal is extra. Keep this in mind when you go for iPhone screen repair.

If you can recall all this the next time you have an episode of butter fingers, you'll definitely get yourself a better deal. Especially if you visit iFix Mobile, providers of iPhone screen repair services in Toronto

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