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Things to remember in case of iPhone Screen Repair

Don't we love our beautiful and sleek iPhones. The newer ones are even more drop dead gorgeous with all glass body and color variants to die for. But everything comes crashing down with a simple screen damage. Though it's not as simple as it may look. A lot of things have to be considered while you go for iPhone screen repair. Where to go, what to expect, and what all precautions you must take? iFix Mobile, the best choice for iPhone screen repair in Toronto , tells you all that you need to know.


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Mobile phone accessories that'll rule in 2018

As newer cell phone models and releases take the market by storm, there's also an emerging need for new and improved cell phone accessories.The trending accessories for 2018 are a heady mix of old and new. There are some fresh new products while the existing ones have gone through a complete makeover. What's new this year you ask? Which ones are selling like hot cakes? Let's go through the accessories recommended by iFix Mobile , the leading seller of Cell Phone Accessories in Toronto , for 2018.


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Unlocking iPhone 6- What it means for you?

As a customer who's always had a carrier mobile, an unlocking phone may seem like a new concept. But its not, with Apple itself releasing unlocked versions of iPhones. What exactly is an unlocked phone? An unlocking phone means it’s not bound to a particular cellular service provider through a carrier contract. Locked phones are locked by means of a locking software that allows unlocking after certain conditions are met. Many stores such as iFix Mobile