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The 7 Best Smartphones of 2018

As the end of the year approaches, all significant smartphone launches has passed. After extended usage of each phone, we have shortlisted seven best phones of this year.


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What makes Galaxy S9 the best android phone?

The all new Samsung Galaxy S9 is smarter than its predecessors and can be even said to be the best android phone till date. It's an amazing work phone as it offers security and reliability. The multiple features make the phone easier to work on.


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6 Reasons you need iPhone XS Max

If you are thinking of buying iPhone XS Max we can make your decision easier. Let us summarize why the latest edition from Apple is worth buying:


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iPhone X Screen Repair: How much does it cost?

The edge-to-edge no bezel OLED screen makes iPhone X the most loved iPhone's till date. And that's not all, the razor-fast processor and dual wide-angle cameras make iPhone X the most desirable phone to possess.


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4 of the most durable Smartphones on the market

Despite going everywhere with us, smartphones are not built to be tough. In fact, it only takes one distracted moment, something as simple as a push and your smartphone is one of the millions with a big crack darting across the screen. Even after being extra careful preventing a broken smartphone can get impossible. Smartphones and clumsiness don't go along, however, there are phones that are more rugged than others if your smartphone has a habit of falling off.


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iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus: How to pick between them?

Apple recently introduced iPhone X, the first iPhone to have an OLED screen and the stunning display runs edge to edge. Unlike the traditional touch ID method used on the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X has a new feature which scans your face to unlock your phone. Since Apple has introduced a plethora of features in the new iPhones, one may find it confusing which one to buy; iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus.


All computing devices are prone to slowing down over time, as memory fills up and extra software is installed but the way iPhones uses memory makes them less prone to this than most. Most probably, you'll feel your iPhone is slower than it used to be, as you have taken your device for granted which was initially quick performing.

Sometimes interface seems unresponsive, apps take longer to open or it isn't swift and prompt anymore, it is possible that a few tweaks could speed things up again.


Smartphones have become integral for our social survival. Not only that, we also work on our smart mobile devices. It's no secret that our smartphones carry crucial data and information that must be safeguarded at all times.

However, when we talk about smartphone safety, the first thing that comes to mind is protection from physical damage. Physical damage to screen is debilitating for sure. But even more damaging is security breach that exposes sensitive and crucial data for misuse.


iPhone X is a really expensive smartphone. Many find it obnoxiously overpriced and stick with their iPhone 8. But iPhone enthusiasts all over the world will pay any price to get their hands on the latest release.

An expensive device comes with an equally expensive repair. Apple Care+ cost for iPhone X is an outrageous $249, much higher than previous models. The fact that a limited no of repairs are covered under this insurance makes it an even more doubtful scheme.

However, iPhone users do pay for Apple Care+ as it brings down the repair cost drastically down. For an instance, iPhone X Screen Repair under Apple insurance costs just $39.


Jun 14 ,2018 Pubslished In Blogs

Unlocking Cell Phones- Fact File

Most of us go for pre-owned cell phones without knowing whether it's a locked phone or an unlocked phone. It should not be assumed that a pre-owned phone will be unlocked as well. Locked phones, as we know it, are cell phones locked to particular carrier company. Such a device can switch phone numbers, owners, plans, but not carriers. What's the whole buzz about unlocked phones? Hear from iFix Mobile, the leading choice for Unlocking Cell Phones in Toronto.


Don't we love our beautiful and sleek iPhones. The newer ones are even more drop dead gorgeous with all glass body and color variants to die for. But everything comes crashing down with a simple screen damage. Though it's not as simple as it may look. A lot of things have to be considered while you go for iPhone screen repair. Where to go, what to expect, and what all precautions you must take? iFix Mobile, the best choice for iPhone screen repair in Toronto , tells you all that you need to know.


As newer cell phone models and releases take the market by storm, there's also an emerging need for new and improved cell phone accessories.The trending accessories for 2018 are a heady mix of old and new. There are some fresh new products while the existing ones have gone through a complete makeover. What's new this year you ask? Which ones are selling like hot cakes? Let's go through the accessories recommended by iFix Mobile , the leading seller of Cell Phone Accessories in Toronto , for 2018.


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