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Why official iPhone repair services cost is so high?

Official iPhone repair costs are going higher with every new release. For instance, repair cost of iPhone 5 is much higher than that of its previous counterparts. With every subsequent iPhone release, screen replacement cost and overall repair cost soars.


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Cell Phone Store Toronto

If you’re a Cell Phone Store Owner in Toronto , this article relates to you completely. Even to the ones who are thinking about opening a cell phone store in near future. As an owner, you might think that the most important items to own are cell phones, laptops, and tablets of different models and make, having different price tags to cover a wide range of customers. These along with their standard accessories like batteries, chargers, and earphones.


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Most Common Cell Phone Repair Services in Toronto

In our busy lives, we often fail to keep a check on our devices. We have no idea where our cell phones are lying while preparing an important presentation or we just drop it while on our morning runs. And if it’s an expensive one like iPhone, you read silent prayers for it to never be damaged, not until the latest version is released. Then comes the cost of repair which varies according to extent of damage and can actually burn a hole in your pocket.