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6 Reasons you need iPhone XS Max

If you are thinking of buying iPhone XS Max we can make your decision easier. Let us summarize why the latest edition from Apple is worth buying:

1. Screen Size and Resolution

The centerpiece of iPhone XS Max is its screen. The 6.5 inch OLED screen makes for a larger than life feel, quite literally. The impressive screen to body ratio makes for a more modern look. The iPhone XS Max retains the 458ppi despite the bigger display. The pixel density is higher than the iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone XS Max has a better resolution due to the bigger screen.

2. Battery

The 3174 mAh makes the iPhone XS Max's battery the biggest Apple has ever put in an iPhone. The A12 Bionic chip makes the iPhone XS Max more power efficient. Thus iPhone XS Max's battery lasts all day with moderate to high usage on a single charge. The iPhone XS Max supports wireless charging due to the glass back.

3. Chipset

The A12 Bionic chipset performs 15% better performance than the older version. The efficiency of the chipset is better as well with hexa-core CPU and quad-core GPU design. The neural engine enables iPhone XS Max to recognize patterns and make the prediction. The neural engine is super fast and incredibly efficient. The enhanced image signal processor (ISP) captures details and depth in portrait mode.

4. Camera

The camera quality of the new iPhone XS Max has been improved drastically. The iPhone XS Max features Smart HDR, which enables high contrast in every picture. The size of the pixel has increased as well, the iPhone XS Max results in improved low-light performance.

The revamped 12MP main sensor gives high-quality pictures. Although the lens retains the f/1.8 aperture, the bigger pixel makes up for the difference. The bokeh rendering allows you to adjust the depth. Other than this, you get zero shutter lag, long exposure, and additional interframes for a perfect portrait.

5. More storage

The storage in iPhone has always been an issue, as Apple offered at most 16GB as a base memory configuration. This is another thing that Apple rectified and the new iPhone XS Max starts at 64GB and goes up to 512GB (at a hefty price). You will have to shell out $480 more for the larger storage capacity.

6. IP68 Dust and Water Resistance

IP ratings define the level at which a gadget can resist things like dust, dirt, and moisture. The first number of the IP indicates how resistant an object is to solids like dust and dirt. The second number indicates the resistance it has to liquid. The new iPhone XS Max boasts an IP68 for a better protection. This means that your iPhone XS Max can be submerged into 2m for 30 minutes.

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