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5 Preventive Measures To Avoid Phone Overheating

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Have you ever experienced your phone getting warm when you charge it or use it excessively? Well, this is a common problem with almost all the electronic items and being the most used device of our everyday lives, experiencing heating of cell phone is quite normal.


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Myths About Cell Phone Repair You Must Have Heard

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In Today's era owning a smartphone is not a status symbol anymore; anyone and everyone can afford to buy one. With the rise in demand for smartphones, the demand for cell phone repair services has also increased.


cell phone repair

Almost every individual owns a smartphone. When people carry them around everywhere, the chances of being dropped and damaged become higher. That is where cell phone business owners can make good revenue from them.


Nowadays, most of the phone has become water resistant but sometimes the water can seep into the system and damage your gadget. It can get disheartening whenever your iPhone drops and damages but a dunk in the water can give anyone a scare. Water doesn't mean you have to bid goodbye to your trusted iPhone. We will share some of our tips on how you can save your phone through the terrible phase.


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Why there is need to repair your cell phones

Have your cell phone got damaged or broken? Then what are you waiting for get it to repair immediately to avoid further loss. You cannot buy a new cell phone every time whenever you damage your old phone


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Why Is Fixing Your Cracked Phone Screen So Important?

There are more than 2 billion people using smartphone around the world and many prefer using uber-expensive but with a fragile glass screen. More often than not, these screens develop crack or sometimes even spiderweb with just a single slip.


Recently we have seen the smartphone design evolve and now with the introduction of foldable smartphones, many manufacturers have jumped this wagon. As many smartphones producers whether premium or not introduce foldable phones this year, you have to appreciate the tech behind it (even if you aren't too keen on buying one). These phones use the latest technology making its price point rather steep.


The all new iPhone X series has many great features and will truly give a great experience. The bezel-less screen is the first thing that catches eye of many, so if you are planning on buying any of the iPhone X series, follow these steps to get it up and running.


In this cold weather, you aren't the only one that needs to bundle up. The low temperature is life-threatening, you find your immune system weakening but there's another thing you should worry about: your phone.


Congratulations on your brand new iPhone XS Max! This is the refined version of iPhone X which was Apple's first gesture based interaction model. If you have been using iPhone, you will feel that iPhone XS Max not only looks different but has many features added to it. The one thing old iPhone users will see that there is no Home button but a gesture based Home bar. This is just one of the many changes we will be listing today.


Dec 25 ,2018 Pubslished In Blogs

The 7 Best Smartphones of 2018

As the end of the year approaches, all significant smartphone launches has passed. After extended usage of each phone, we have shortlisted seven best phones of this year.


The all new Samsung Galaxy S9 is smarter than its predecessors and can be even said to be the best android phone till date. It's an amazing work phone as it offers security and reliability. The multiple features make the phone easier to work on.


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