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You will drop your phone at some point, no matter how careful, and it could cause damage to the screen. A broken screen won't affect the phone's functionality in most cases. However, the damage to the screen can cause it to become unusable. It is better to repair the screen and keep the existing phone than buy a new one.


You will see people with low heads everywhere, whether you are in a subway or restaurant or at any other event. The mobile phone is an integral part of our daily lives. Broken or damaged phones are one of the most devastating things that can happen. In such cases, the decision of whether to repair or replace the phone is difficult. An iPhone repair store in Brampton, ifix mobile, has years of experience in repairing and restoring iPhones. They can help you fix your mobile phone if you decide to get it repaired. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of buying a new phone over fixing it.


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How to clean out and declutter your phone?

Smartphones are expensive investments. Regular cleaning and decluttering can help to keep phones in good condition. There are many things you can do for your iPhone(r), Android(TM), and other Android(TM).

Ifix mobile is an iPhone repair store in Brampton whose experts provide 24-hour tech support to millions of customers regarding, so they can get the maximum use of their devices, appliances, connections, and other services. Here are their recommendations for keeping your phone organized and clean from the inside.


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How To Extend Android Battery Life in 2022

I’m sure that out of all notifications you receive daily, “low battery” notification would be the unwelcomed one, especially when you have just charged your mobile phone a few moments ago. Battery discharging has become one of the most popular concerns among smartphone users. It’s so frustrating when we always have to stick near the charging point, nobody wants that. But have you ever wondered about the reasons that make batteries drain out faster? If you haven’t yet, let’s give it a thought and find out the reasons that cause a faster run out. We will also suggest solutions to prolong the android battery life. If the problem persists even after following the below-given solutions, you need to get connected with Toronto phone repair.


Smartphone hack has now become a legitimate concern for everyone owning a smartphone. Hacking isn’t only meant to invade businessmen' or celebrities’ privacy, but ordinary people’s privacy as well. You must be curious why these hackers are interested in our voice messages or our conversations. Before we proceed further, let us analyze what smartphone hacking is and whether to worry about it or not.



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Best Smartphone Photography Tips For The Holidays

Before getting started, it is important to understand your smartphone camera. Explore the options you are unaware of and diversify your photography perspective. Check out how convenient you will end up feeling with the latest smartphone features. It is recommended to get your smartphone camera checked by the best mobile phone repair in Toronto before you head out for your holiday vacation.



We have often experienced screen unresponsive and battery drainage issues during extreme weather conditions. Smartphones can never yield their best outputs in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, freezing weather can shorten your device’s lifespan, whereas hot weather can damage your smartphone. Cold conditions tend to affect the smartphone’s screen glass as well as battery. On the other hand, heat can internally damage your smartphone’s components(including the battery). Therefore, it becomes necessary to learn ways to protect your smartphone both in winters and summers to enhance its lifespan.




Every time our hardly-earned smartphone breaks, our heartaches. Getting our smartphones repaired is a highly expensive move. Especially when you do not have the proper information of Dos and Don’ts. I Fix Mobile is the most popular mobile phone repair center in Toronto. You can have your smartphone and laptop services at a one-stop store. We can help you with the most amazing tips that will help you save your money.


The majority of people think that their phone is irreparable or get trapped by shopkeepers who push them to get their phones replaced instead of repaired. But before opting for replacing your phone with a new one, always pass through the desired facts. Get to reliable sources like I Fix Mobile who can wholeheartedly guide you with the best. We fix it before we jinx it. We also deal in iPhone Repair in Brampton and try our level best to resolve your problem in less time as well as cost. Trust us all your efforts will be saved once you reach us. We will help you with all the information the solutions required for repair. Our repair experts are best known to focus on the detailings along with the main parts.


Cell phone manufacturing has changed dramatically over years due to several high-end innovations such as better batteries, stronger screens, augmented reality, and several others functionalities. Despite all the excellent features, some hindrances always persist. The most vulnerable problem being the cell phone’s screen. There are many established cell phone repair stores in Brampton offering guarantee services along with original product replacement if required during cell phone repairment. But how would you know about the best store as per your requirements? There are various factors that must be taken into account for your best fir, a few of them are public recommendations, google reviews, and referrals. Because the reviews are given by the audience always result in 80-90% accuracy as per the survey.


Owning Samsung galaxy S9 means enjoying all the new features for which it is famous like its touch, camera which is considered as faster than eye. With in a blink, you can click and save memories for a life time.


iPhone Screen repair in Toronto

Oops!! Did you break your iPhone by dropping it somewhere? Has your screen Broken badly? Don't touch it as the screen is made up of some sharp glass jabbing out and they may cause serious injury to you. It is quite hard and heartbreaking to see your Broken iPhone screen.


Repairing Your Apple Phone

Apple offers the best smartphones in the market with the latest cutting-edge technologies that provide its users with unique features that no other company in the industry offers. However, accidentally or over time, your prized possession iPhone can encounter some issues.


iPhone Repair

In today’s era of technology, we all carry our small world with us via smartphone. So, when we invest in our smartphone, we expect it to last longer maybe two years or three years. However, despite paying sky-rocket prices for the device, we usually replace the cell phone more frequently than any other device.


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