Cell Phone Repair Store Toronto

iFix Mobile provides the most trusted and reliable Cell Phone Repair in Toronto . We immediately diagnose your mobile phone problems and provide a customized quote. Our team of professional technicians can repair your cell phone in the least possible time. It doesn't matter if your screen cracked accidentally, damaged earphone jack or your phone fell in the water. We can solve any cell phone repair issue under the sun. We use only high quality, authentic parts for repairs and we provide a lifetime warranty on our work. Just drop into our convenient downtown Toronto location and let our technician solve your troubles quickly. A broken screen may feel like your world has stopped. We make the screen better again and only use authentic products. A phone with a glass body looks and feels amazing but an accident can destroy the complete look. If you have dropped your phone, iFix Mobile can fix the damaged glass at an affordable price. Sometimes the phone's battery doesn't perform the way that it used to. We can quickly replace your Smartphone's battery so you don't have to wait for too long. iFix Mobile repairs charging port of smartphones as well. iFix Mobile is a one-stop shop for a quick cell phone repairs and accessories in Toronto.

Screen Repair

A broken screen may seem like everything has come to a halt. You can't enjoy watching your favorite series or movies nor can you send a text with all the dreaded cracks through the screen making it hard to understand what's going on the screen. Bring your device at iFix Mobile and get your Screen Repaired in a jiffy. Also, our expert technicians can fix iPhone Screen Repair with 30 minutes. in a jiffy.

Glass Repair

When newer models come with an all glass body, damaged glass destroys the look of your handset. A phone with a glass body can charge wirelessly as the glass can easily transmit radio waves and looks premium but the bulky glass can sometimes be hard to handle and a single accident can shatter the body. At iFix Mobile, we fix cell phone damage glass quickly and at an affordable price.

Battery Repair

If your smartphone isn’t performing at an optimal level, the issue may lie with the battery. We rely on our phone for more than just phone calls and a battery issue can be devastating. Sometimes the battery is drained out due multiple apps running in the background. A fast draining battery can be troublesome and get annoying at time. At iFix Mobile, we carry out quick cell phone battery replacement.

Charging Port Repair

Jerked the charging port of your smartphone and it isn't working anymore? Sometimes you are in a hurry and completely forgot that you're charging your phone. The jerking or yanking can cause problem to your port. Sometimes the constant plugging and unplugging too can damage the charging port of your phone. Visit iFix Mobile to get your iPhone charging port or headphone jacks fixed.

iFix Mobile For High Quality & Lightning Fast Cell Phone Repair

Our on-site cell phone repair services are fast, efficient, and affordable. There’s absolutely no need to fret over broken screen, damaged charging port, shattered glass, and worn out battery. We provide low cost and high quality solutions for all smartphone repair needs. Don’t let a small damage cause a kink in your connectivity. At iFix, we understand what your cell phone means to you and carry out quick repairs to ensure minimum downtime. We use only high quality and genuine parts in repairs that carry a lifetime warranty. Our team of expert and highly experienced technicians are proficient in handling a large number of cell phone issues. We provide same day cell phone repair and delivery. Owing to our large network of stores across Toronto, you can easily stop by the one near you for quick cell phone repairs. We’re committed to 100% customer satisfaction and we achieve the same through our top-notch repair services.



At iFix, we have a solution for all your cell phone issues. Our expert team of technicians is capable of handling the most severe of cell phone damages. The most common cell phone repair issues that we undertake on a regular basis include:

Phone Diagnosis

Water Damaged Phone

LCD Display Replacement

Battery Replacement

Data Recovery

Ear Phone Jack Malfunctions



Most of the cell phones are repaired within a few hours.


Finest parts are used to maintain the quality of the phone.


We offer a lifetime warranty on all the parts we use in cell phone repair


The best team of technicians to give you utmost satisfaction.

Charging Port Repair

It happens quite often. Something important comes up and you even forget that your phone is plugged in. This repeated jerky movements can result in a damaged charging port. The good news is when it comes to charging ports, it’s never too late. You can always bring your device to us and we’ll repair or replace it in no time. Our expert team of technicians have handled even the most bizarre charging port repairs. At iFix Mobile, we use only authentic, high quality parts on which we offer a lifetime warranty. That’s why we’re the leading choice for charging port repairs in Toronto.